Additional Services

(Specialty Services below)

Feminine Power: A 9-Week Program

Incorporating the material of Dr. Claire Zammit and featuring my one-on-one coaching with you.
Designed for the woman who wants to focus on her potential.

During this 9-week transformative journey, step beyond the traditional masculine power model and explore what’s possible when living from your Feminine Power.

This package includes:


1 on 1 Feminine Power Coaching sessions with me: 9 sessions, 75 minutes each


Dr. Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power videos, audio, and written exercises

These components help you: 


Unlock the Three Power Centers of Feminine Power


Access your deeper desires and tap into your creative impulses


Learn the transformational tools for manifesting your greatest possibilities


Navigate the 8 Key Areas to actualize your potential: Confidence, Love, Prosperity/Career, Creativity, Health, Purpose, Impact/Influence, and Spirituality

This approach was developed by Claire Zammit, Ph.D.
I am a Certified Woman-Centered Coach and was personally trained by Dr. Zammit to help women actualize their potential in the 8 Key Areas.

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Take Back Your Life: A 3-Month Program

This program includes the elements of the Activate Your Personal Power program.
Designed for the woman who wants to focus on healing and believing in herself.

Imagine in just 3 months having strength, power, confidence, resourcefulness, and belief in yourself.

Through 12, one-on-one 90-minute Zoom sessions, you will:


Reset your patterns, habits, and behaviors so that instead of feeling at the effect of life, you’ll feel in control of it


Experience old patterns, hidden power blocks, and unconscious beliefs that limit your success just naturally fall away


Gain greater confidence and feel good about who you are, where you’re going, and what’s possible for you


With this strong foundation, you will move forward with a level of self-mastery you've only dreamed of

Embark on this transformative journey and in just 3 months emerge with newfound strength, confidence, and self-mastery. Begin living free from limitations and unlock your true potential.

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Your Next Step

Book a complimentary Get Unstuck Session with me.

In this 1-hour, one-on-one zoom with me, we will:


Explore the patterns holding you back


Uncover where you want to go and the best way to achieve your goals


Define a way to work together to build a compelling vision and pathway to self-actualization

After this hour call, you will leave feeling empowered and clearer about what you need for a deeper sense of fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace. More importantly, you will leave with a game plan for how to move forward with an ally at your side supporting you every step of the way.

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Specialty Services

The Surgery Success System

Because....the Best Recovery Starts before Surgery Begins!

For over 25 years, I have offered the Surgery Success System: It is a tried and true product and service.

"I used Carol’s pre-, in-, and post-surgery recordings to control discomfort and bleeding and to promote healing. My recovery time was the best vacation time I’ve had in years!! After 5 weeks, my incision looked like it had 12 weeks of healing. My doctor is amazed. He says my procedure had the best outcome he has ever seen."

- Karen B.     California

If you’re facing surgery and feeling:


Anxious, worried, losing sleep


Overwhelmed and not able to get things done


Helpless and not sure what role you can play in your own surgery

 There are two packages for support:

The Surgery Success System Peace of Mind Package. To download the package for just $97 contact me here.

The Surgery Success System Custom Recording Package. This is a highly customized solution for each individual, starting at $700. To book a surgery consult, contact me here.

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The Surgery Success System Peace of Mind Package 

Imagine listening to audio recordings that relax your mind, prepare your body, and support you in having a peaceful and successful surgery experience and recovery. 

This 4-Step Program includes audios that I created so you hear my calm and reassuring voice, providing all the guidance and relaxing reminders you need. Includes the Surgery Preparation Guide.

All you need to do is listen.


Step 1: Introduction Audio: Get Set for Success: The introduction is for understanding the benefits of using your mind/body intelligence.

  • Shifts you out of stress and into a more peaceful, calm, and prepared state right away.
  • Introduces you to all the resources available so you make the most out of the audio and checklists.
  • Provides you with easy-to-use tips to set yourself up for success. 

Step 2: Pre-Surgery Success Audio: You would listen to this 1 or ideally more times before your surgery.

  • Soothes your anxiety and builds calm confidence.
  • Eliminates the negative thoughts that cause worry and stress.
  • Prepares your body to respond at its best.

Step 3: In-Surgery Success Audio (Yes! Listened to during surgery!): if your medical team allows such support, you will listen to this DURING Surgery.

  • Supports your still active subconscious to stay relaxed and focused only on positive outcomes.
  • Keeps your mind bathed in thoughts that comfort, direct, and support you to have the best results possible.
  • Instructs your body to respond in optimal ways.

Step 4: Post-Surgery Success Audios: These are to help you post-surgery to improve recovery.

  • Strengthens your healing mindset for a speedy, seamless recovery.
  • Focuses on healing to minimize pain, inflammation, and disruption of digestion and sleep patterns.

To order the downloadable Peace of Mind Package ($97) contact me here.

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The Surgery Success System Custom Recording Package 

This package addresses the specifics of your medical condition, as well as the highlights of any particular anxieties you might have, by creating custom audio recordings to support you.

In one-on-one sessions, you’ll work on the phone or via Zoom with Carol to explore the specifics of your surgery, and plan for the best recovery possible. You’ll receive customized, downloadable recordings that you can listen to to build, reinforce, and maintain a healing mindset with specific visualizations for your unique recovery.


Includes the complete Peace of Mind Package- see above - plus


Surgery Success System‘s Preparation Action Guide lays out the steps to take before your surgery to reduce stress and set yourself up for a successful recovery.


One-on-one strategy sessions on the phone or via Zoom with Carol to validate your preparations, gain insights into your specific needs, and provide the information needed to create your personalized surgery audios.


Customized, downloadable recordings: Pre-Surgery, In-Surgery, and Post Surgery to enhance your individual journey.

Customized solutions for as low as $700. To book a surgery consult, contact me here