Welcome to My Office!

I empower women to realize their full potential by cultivating:

  • Clarity – Direction - Confidence
  • Mindset – Resources - Potential
  • Fulfillment – Contribution - Personal Mastery

And go from feeling stuck to fulfilled: tapping into their gifts, strengths, and resources, and redesigning their life to be fulfilling and joyful.

Over the past 30+ years, I’ve activated people to use their own abilities to break down obstacles,  get unstuck and move forward without the old patterns and limiting beliefs. I am now leveraging my experience, certifications, and knowledge to empower women to come into their own: armed with the mindset, resources and confidence to achieve their potential. They find the purpose that fulfills them, and brings their meaningful contributions into the world.

As a Women-Centered Empowerment Coach, Certified (Medical) Hypnotherapist, and Master Rapid Eye Technician, I understand how the brain works. This knowledge, blended with my proven method for empowering women to overcome blockages, liberates women from societal, familial, and personal constraints.  I'm passionate about helping my clients break free of habits, patterns and limiting beliefs, so they can experience fulfillment, freedom, and the life they truly want and deserve.

I welcome you to be one of these women too!

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My Mid-Life Reinvention

From my 30s until my late 50s, I helped people heal the past and overcome work, life, and relationship issues, solve problems, clear out old patterns, habits, beliefs. I was known as the go-to person to quickly, efficiently and effectively solve problems,  create solutions and help improve lives. One couple told me they thought of me as their “secret weapon” to effectively move ahead at work and in life.

As I hit my late 50s I felt stuck. I felt a calling to do more: an urge to use my experience, extensive training and certifications to have greater impact for my clients. During this time I relocated. My mother passed away. Then my mother-in-law passed away. All of which made me acutely aware of life's brevity.

"What do I truly want.....

What do I truly want  to do next?"


Those questions coupled up with the inner drive to uplift others beyond the day to day to achieve self-actualization. I yearned to really make the world a better place and constantly heard a part of me asking: “How can I have a bigger impact? How can I help people not only solve problems, but really live into their dreams and desires?”

I was being called into the next level of my own self-actualization, my own potential: how can I provide extraordinary results for my clients?

I took additional trainings, programs and worked with coaches to uplevel my life, discover what would fulfill me so that I can once again find greater fulfillment and make a greater contribution to the people I work with… and through that, I discovered something I hadn't fully experienced before:

Self-worth, intrinsic value and something way beyond the affirmation “I am good enough.” My Deeper Truth: My value and worth are inherent in my being.

Helping women just like you discover their own unique Deeper Truth has become my mission so we can make the world a better place, have the impact only we can make and can move into greater expression of our gifts, talents, purpose and potential.

As a result of this journey, I offer the Your Life By Design program that empowers women to clarify their vision, purpose and calling, design their life, and start living a life of fulfillment and joy.

What makes the difference? It’s not just setting goals and taking action towards them- it’s tapping into your strengths, gifts, abilities, and the feminine powers of intuition, collaboration, and holistic thinking.   It’s discovering your Deeper Truth! When you feel held back or when you run up against an old belief, we use my decades of experience to remove those blocks so you can move forward fast and stay on course.

Are you ready to live a fulfilling life with the joy that you deserve?

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