Carol Daly

Carol Daly

Hello! I'm Carol Daly. 

Thank you for visiting I’ve developed this web site to inform people of the benefits they can receive from my combined approach of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and Medical Hypnosis, and I am sure you will find many intriguing and informative concepts here that will help you decide that there is a better, quicker, more effective way to navigate through life.

If you are experiencing

  • being held back by old habits or attitudes,
  • feeling stuck in your career or work,
  • dissatisfaction with your personal success,
  • tired of feeling “sick and tired”, or
  • dealing with a short or long term health concern,

then these latest generation hypnotherapy and personal growth techniques can make a significant difference in your life.

Carol Daly's logoHere are just a few examples of the many ways these tools improve people's lives. As you read them, imagine how it would be if you found effective ways to improve your life.

Hypnosis and guided imagery are effective for stress reduction, weight loss, stop smoking, habit control, ending fears and phobias, making career changes, improving performance in job, sports, and exam preparation; ending insomnia, increasing self-esteem, self confidence and optimism as well.

Rapid Eye Technology is the quickest and most useful way I have found to help myself and others in healing past events, trauma, grief, and loss. Rapid Eye is useful for resolving relationship problems, angry or hurt feelings, and emotional difficulties, as well as increasing levels of confidence, self esteem, well being and overall effectiveness.

Medical Hypnosis is effective in alleviating pain, speed healing, increase overall wellness and health for surgery, injury, dental fears and comfort, fertility, childbirth, mind /body communication, cancer and other long term illnesses, and high blood pressure. And the list goes on.

The hallmark of success is accomplishing your goals and desires with results you can see in your life and feel within yourself. The subconscious is the storehouse of your creativity, problem solving abilities, habits, and mental and emotional tendencies. Learning to communicate and work cooperatively with your subconscious will bridge the gap to success. With this bridge in place your conscious and subconscious begin working as one powerful unit, more easily reaching goals and desires by realizing solutions where obstacles were before.

To get the maximum results from this approach, it is very important that you are comfortable and at ease. So, I've included my background to review before contacting me for an appointment.

People have an innate desire and ability to be the best that they can become. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or desire for things to be different, I can be a great ally in your personal growth. Just knowing you want things to be different in your life creates the opportunity for change.  This, plus a genuine desire on your part to address any given issue, is all you need to bring with you.

The goal of this website is to provide you with the information you need to evaluate the benefits you can receive from the use of these latest generation approaches.  Please contact me to make an appointment, answer to your questions, and get a personal evaluation of your goals.   

Contact: 650-969-3167   

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