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Here is a sample of actual comments from Carol Daly’s clients:



“With just a few minutes a day; I was able to lose 2 dress sizes in 2 months. THANK YOU Carol, I never thought feeling great could be this easy!”

              M.R., Marketing


“Sessions with Carol are very transforming and liberating for me. I feel a release and clearing of stored negative emotions. She also feeds in positive emotions- love of myself and others, peace, calm, and joy. I leave feeling lighter in my body and emotions and more hopeful in my ability to change my life.

“She works more with the subconscious then anyone I have ever worked with. My experience is that I can move more quickly and thoroughly through my habits, patterns and stuck parts of my life much more efficiently than in talk therapy.”

              A.S., Retired


“I used Carol’s pre-, in-, and post-surgery tapes to control discomfort and bleeding and to promote healing. My recovery time was the best vacation time I’ve had in years!! After 5 weeks, my incision looked like it had 12 weeks of healing. My doctor is amazed. He says my procedure had the best outcome he has ever seen.”

              K.B., Lawyer


“Carol is very worthy of trust. I don’t feel like I have to keep an eye on her approach, recommendations, etc. Carol’s combination of hypnotherapy and rapid eye movement gets to the point, fast. No wallowing in the process.”

              Brian, Business Development Manager


“Carol is committed to service in the truest sense.  This is shown in her ability to adjust in the moment what she is doing to best suit the outcome. In a very subtle way, she is one of the most results-oriented people I have worked with.  She actually listens, while not filtering what I say to fit an agenda or belief system.  That is truly a cherished gift of hers, which she gives freely.

“I have been working with her on a long-term basis.  There have been times when we both came together when an issue required special insight, when we needed to generate a different approach.  She allows for and is open to my own input, insight and understanding to affect the process.  We both seem to have a hand in creating what happens, and that is extremely rare:  it is a much-needed change from more conventional approaches.  I truly feel this shows respect for me as a person.  If you find yourself trying to affect change in your life and have trouble, Carol can really help.  The biggest difference is that your individuality will provide the keys to the solution rather than receiving a canned approach.”

              Greg, Engineer


“The therapy sessions are always surprising and have helped me take care of my own life's work. Thank you for your love and fearlessness in what truly is an innovative and deep approach to healing.”

              G.M., Professional Musician/Teacher


“I had the pleasure of knowing Carol as an acquaintance before I worked with her as a Hypnotherapist.  That was the primary reason that I decided to explore some of my questions using hypnotism and with Carol in particular.  I have used modified self-hypnotism successfully for many years, so I trust the theories involved.

“I knew that I would get more accomplished with a facilitated session. However, my strongest aversions seemed to involve trusting and trust related issues.  After conversations with Carol I suspected that I would be able to do valuable work with her.  That was exactly what I found to be true.

“I found Carol to be knowledgeable and also capable of making that knowledge accessible.  I especially like being able to discuss Hypnotism with Carol on its technical and practical terms, and well as on its spiritual implications.  I will say that as I left each session with Carol, I had brand new insights about myself and ideas about how to put that information into practical use.”

              M.H., Engineer


“It is so unique working with Carol because she doesn’t add any agenda to me. I get some element of that with every other person who gives me service. EXCEPT Carol! She connects me more and more with myself. It’s a fast and effective way to get past hurdles that waste money, time, and life force.”

              B.J.S., Engineer  


“My fear of the ‘fast water’ on the Delta kept me from enjoying boating with my husband and family. Today I can say, thanks to Carol and her expertise, I am facing my fear with each venture out and truly enjoying boating with my whole family.”

              L.T., Sales Coordinator


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