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Carol DalyFor many issues the combination of Hypnotherapy and Rapid Eye Technology (RET) provides rapid resolution.  Most therapists specialize in just Hypnotherapy or just RET without the training and expertise to use both together for fast, lasting results.  My unique approach combines both hypnotherapy and RET into one comprehensive program which gives rapid, observable and long-term results.  My aim is to support people in developing their strengths and resources so they become powerful in manifesting their full potential.

Everyone's career, personal life and health are deeply entwined and the application of Hypnotherapy and RET to even one of those areas can improve a person’s life – in all areas. Click here for more on hypnosis.

Carol Daly Rapid Eye Technology (RET) simulates the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) of dream sleep. This allows us to process and release pain and stress in a safe, effective, "awakened" state.  This pain and stress can be emotional – fears, anxieties and imposed limitation embedded from past experiences or it can be from a physical illness or trauma. Click here for details on Rapid Eye Technology.

Used together, hypnotherapy and RET can quickly, safely and effectively release our fears and anxieties as well as the limitations without lengthy and painful re-telling or re-creating of the past situations that led to the conditions.  Hypnotherapy and RET together are about "releasing", not "re-creating" the past in order to resolve the underlying issues and free us from old conditioning and habits.

Carol DalyIn addition to helping people with challenges such as smoking cessation, weight loss, career growth and stress reduction through RET and Hypnotherapy, I also specialize in Medical Hypnosis which is specifically geared to medical and health conditions.  Complementing current medical approaches, medical hypnosis speeds healing, reduces/eliminates pain and reduces dependency on medications.  Furthermore, medical hypnosis reduces the anxiety level that comes with many medical/health issues and thereby greatly assists the client's healing. 

The types of medical problems I assist clients with include irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, childbirth preparation, fertility issues, pre- and post-surgery support, dental procedures and fears, pain management, accelerated healing for accidents and trauma just to name a few. If you’re not sure if your needs would benefit from hypnosis, call me to discuss it. Click here for details on Medical Hypnosis.

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