Rapid Eye Technology

What is Rapid Eye Technology (RET)?

What is the value of it and what results can you expect?

This is the 'wand' that is used to simulate the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) of dream sleep.RET simulates the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) of dream sleep and allows us to process and release pain and stress in a safe, effective, “awakened” state. The pain and stress can be emotional, such as those embedded from past experiences that most of us remember.  Or, it can be from physical illness or trauma.

During REM state our brains are in the alpha/theta brain wave state.  The alpha/theta brain wave state of RET the client is conscious and aware enough to choose when to intentionally release the stress surrounding any given issue.  There is a scientific basis for why RET works. Events on the same neural pathway including those related to birth and any other traumatic incident can be accessed and processed quickly without reliving all other similar experiences.

Here is an example to help you understand how RET could work. Many people depreciate their self-worth because of an ingrained belief that they are somehow "not good enough." Through RET, the therapist can address one or two situations that helped to embed the belief in the client. Because RET quickly addresses the feelings and experiences rather than the situation, the ongoing issue and pattern is released. They no longer recreate similar situations, ending a destructive pattern.

The results of RET prove the value. Coming to a fresh perspective after clearing and releasing old patterns, habits and behaviors is the highlight of undergoing RET sessions. For any given issue, new beliefs, new decisions and new choices in your highest and best interest replace the previous choices from the past.

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