What is Hypnotherapy?

What is the value of it and what results can you expect?

Hollywood and the entertainment industry would have you believe that hypnosis is a means by which someone else can control you.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. Hypnosis allows for clear communication with the “inner mind” or “subconscious.” The state of hypnosis is achieved through techniques that lead to an extremely deep state of relaxation of the conscious, critical mind and the body.

Through relaxation, the mind and body are freed from self criticism. As that conscious voice of self criticism is quieted, the channel to communication directly to the subconscious is open.  The subconscious stores memories, automatic responses and habits as well as physical abilities such as breathing, beating of the heart and healing. Communication with the subconscious through hypnosis allows understanding and exploration of blocks and habits. This leads to the ability to re-educate the subconscious to respond more resourcefully to any given situation. Going directly to the blocks and habits lets clients affect the change by replacing them with new understandings, clarity and direction.

The popular understanding of hypnotherapy is that it can be useful in helping individuals change unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and to achieve weight loss.  However, the real value of hypnotherapy can be much greater --- with an experienced practitioner it can quickly help an individual achieve the following types of results:

  • A feeling of lightness and well-being due to being freed from emotional “baggage”.
  • Responding positively to situations instead of reacting out of old fears, habits and conditioned responses.
  • Effortlessly enjoying living and participating in the present moment.

For example, many people have deep-seated blocks to success in their careers or are unhappy, feel stuck and unsure of where to go next. Through hypnotherapy they have gained the confidence and self-assuredness to competently interview, negotiate and move ahead in their career and/or transition to a new field altogether.

Whether clients are interested in changing a particular behavior or improving the overall quality of their lives through resolving personal issues, hypnotherapy is a valuable approach.

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